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Snow, Sports and Teachers - Schnee, Sport und Lehrer

6th week - day 44

Six weeks in Canada!
So this week was very varied and I had much stuff to do. Now there are many tests and assignments upcoming, I am glad to get challenged, otherwise I think it would be boring! Since 1956, it hasn't  snowed so strong in Vancouver and area. It was so beautiful to see Tsawwassen with snow, but I still want spring!!!!! In P.E we are in the weight room for some blocks. We have to manage several workouts, it really makes fun to practice with friends. The teachers are creative and look that we do varied programs. However, it bothers me that the people here are easily. When it comes to an assignment that you have to do until a certain date, teachers often delay it for some weeks and/or shorten the assignment. So I sat on an assignment until late to draw five pages, but then the teacher said that she will give us more time to do that and she shortened the assignment to three pages. Of course it can be good for some students, but you won't learn to …